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Ghannam Group provides auditing services (Internal, External) to all forms of business organizations in accordance with the most recent internationally applicable programs and standards
We also provide Financial Consulting with useful recommendations to help management in the decision making process

To reach that goal we:

  • Use a specialized audit team that posses experience in all financial and economic sectors
  • Work in a corporative manner with the client to maximize the effectiveness of work
  • Fully understand the nature of the business activity and characteristics
  • Establish an audit plan to ensure that the procedures and controls on operation are efficient
  • Set regular meetings with client management to resolve problems
  • Identify the procedures and measures necessary to achieve the objectives of internal control and the weaknesses for the managements' attention by "letter to management" (L/M)
  • Provide corporate evaluations and financial investigations around the procedures of transactions involving merges, joint venture acquisitions and partnerships
  • Act as an arbitrator and custodian appointed by courts
  • Act as an arbitrator and custodian appointed by courts
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of internal audit department and train internal auditors in suitable techniques
  • Implement consolidation processes, choose accounting principles and implement reporting procedures from affiliates to their holding