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Human Resources


Tax Services

Ghannam Group provides tax services not only to our clients but also to any business enterprise or individual in order to fulfil their tax obligations and to provide the necessary taxation advice

These services include:
  • Preparation of company tax computations for submission to the local tax authorities
  • Computing Value Added Tax ( V.A.T )
  • Providing advice regarding appeals against tax assessments and tax payments as well as the handling of any subsequent correspondences or discussions with the local tax authorities to determine tax liability
  • Optimizing the use of available relief and allowance
  • Tax planning of business operations operating through groups and divisions
  • Planning dividend policy and corporate organization
  • Management Consulting Services

    Ghannam Group provides the management consulting services by:
  • Financial planning, accounting and financial management, financial reports and cost management
  • Market and distribution planning, promotion, information reports about clients and sales force control
  • Risk assessment, project management policies and responsibilities including selective controls, schedule and material control system, contract and claims audit
  • Analysis of financial reports to asses feasibility of projects
  • Computer study including hardware and software evaluation and interactive database, communications and distributed processing and electronic filing as well as mail storage
  • Order processing planning, forecasting production planning, inventory control and purchasing
  • Administrative management, system development methodology, career development planning and related training
  • Statistical analysis and forecasting techniques
  • Providing business process, re-engineering and quality improvement for productivity services
  • Human Resources Services

    Ghannam Group have developed a consulting activity about human resource by the:
  • Definition of profiles required to fill a position and professionals to be recruited
  • Implementation of employee benefit plans
  • Establishment of internal communication plans
  • Assistance in the projection of employee personal

  • Examples of some general training programs:
  • Preparation to the use of Microcomputers
  • Accounting
  • Current Cost Accounting
  • Financial Auditing
  • Financial Management and Control
  • Internal Auditing
  • Evaluation of internal Control Systems
  • Management Services

    Ghannam Group provides management services by:
  • Reviewing company policies and defining them as well as defining the strengths and the weaknesses of operative function and know how, to assess the companies' image
  • Development of management vision rectifying the strategic applications
  • Helping in term of corporate management and follow up
  • Evaluating companies and structuring financial needs
  • Cash flow anticipated scenarios that help in resolving cash problems
  • Defining and preparing the securities needed and financial instruments to qualify companies that need to increase their capital, as well as presenting complete files to concerned parties
  • Defining economic opportunities and developing them into successful investments as well as transferring local securities to international securities